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As an emergency facility, we provide a broad spectrum of diagnostic treatments and procedures. Results of multiple tests and blood work can be available within minutes to provide the quickest and most accurate results necessary prior to the treatment of your beloved pet.  

Emergency Physical Examination

The initial examination by the veterinary clinician and assistants will allow the doctor to decide on the best treatment, diagnosis, and prognosis for your pet.

In-Hospital Care

Clean, comfortable hospitalization facilities are provided for your pet. Treatments, monitoring, and status re-evaluations are supervised by the doctor on duty.


Among many of the drugs and medicines available are those to alleviate pain, reduce anxiety and fear, to treat and prevent infections, to control shock, and to deal with heart or respiratory failure. Oxygen and fluid therapy (fluids administered through a vein) are also often used. 

Sedation and Anesthesia

Various types of anesthetics are available. The doctor will choose that which is the safest for your pet. Some procedures may be completed with a local anesthetic which numbs pain; others require intravenous short-acting drugs, or gas anesthesia. Each anesthesia event is monitored by the doctor, staff, and special equipment.


A wide range of surgical procedures are performed at the Service, including gastric torsion repair, Cesarean sections, removal of foreign bodies (bullets, bones, balls, swallowed towels), and repair of torn tendons and muscles. We also suture severe lacerations. 


Our x-rays are taken with state-of-the-art digital radiography equipment that reduces the time required to take the x-rays, as well as the radiation exposure of the patient.  Interpretation of the radiographs by a board-certified radiologist is available. 

Laboratory Tests

We maintain an advanced in-house laboratory that includes tests such as complete blood count (CBC), serum chemistries, coagulation analysis (blood clotting), electrolytes, and toxicity testing. 


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Very professional veterinarian: kind, and considerate! Very professional staff: kind, and considerate! They were very busy, but yet took time to explain everything! I felt my cat was in good hands, and in the best place possible during this emergency situation! I was very upset, and Michelle offered me water to help me. My cat was well taken care of, and he has made a full recovery thanks to GOD! and thanks to the medical expertise of the Tulare- Kings Veterinary Emergency Services! Thank you all again!"
    Eva H, Dinuba, CA
  • "Thank you. You were all wonderful. The doctor explained everything to me and the nurses were able to help me understand what was needed. What a great experience."